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Mission Statement:

To develop and commercialize an ultra-high efficiency generator to power 100% off-grid buildings and electric vehicles.

Advanced, Game-Changing Energy Generation Technology

Independent Energy LLC is a start-up company incorporated in the state of South Carolina with satellite
operations in Connecticut, New York, and Florida. Independent Energy LLC has a patent-pending technology
that will enable commercial or residential buildings to operate affordably and completely off the grid.

All electric generators use input energy. A huge electric power plant uses coal, natural gas, or nuclear energy to
power turbines that generate electricity. It is reported that as much as 70% of the cost of distributed energy is attributed to the costs of grid infrastructure; maintaining the hundreds of thousands of miles of fragile wires that can easily be disrupted during a storm. National Security: Our grid network is an easy target for enemies to disrupt millions of people for weeks or months. Emissions: 89% of green house gas emissions come from energy generation, transportation, heating of homes and factories. (EPA 2014) Our technology will eliminate all these emissions.

Homes: The small generator in your garage uses gasoline, diesel or propane to generate electricity in emergencies. Our generator will provide power like it is from from a power plant but with many more advantages. It can be thought of as similar to a large, personal diesel generator running 24 hours a day, except instead of refueling your generator with diesel fuel, it is refueled automatically by solar or wind. Since solar and wind can be considered "free", you no longer have fuel cost as a consideration. Leave lights on, turn up the heat, make it cooler: all without an incremental increase in cost. Imagine no utility bills, no power disruptions from a fallen tree branch several miles down the road.

The Tesla Powerwall has a 6.4 kWh energy storage capacity, sufficient to power most homes for up to 6 hours in one evening using electricity generated by solar panels during the day. When our generator is added to the Tesla system the available power increases up to 5 continuous days and nights from one day of solar charging.

Factories: Operate manufacturing with a flat rate energy expense. Cost of manufactured goods will be significantly reduced. Fuel costs for delivery of goods using electric delivery vehicles: zero.

Electric Vehicles (EV's): Enables every vehicle; car, truck, motorcycle, bus, RV, train, ship, yacht, aircraft, helicopter, drone etc... to be become an emissions free, electric vehicle with greater range and carrying capacity.

The Tesla Model S has the published range of 270 miles. If our generator were incorporated into a Model S, range could be increased up to 5,400 miles. Since nearly double intercontinental range is more than anyone wants, manufacturers would redesign their vehicles with much smaller batteries, significantly reducing costs and weight while still enabling 600-900 miles range. When you return home, your electric vehicle is recharged overnight from your home's generator at no additional cost. Zero emissions from the tailpipe and zero emissions from recharging. Fuel costs to commute to work: zero. Fuel costs to transport goods from coast to coast: zero.

What this means it that our technology will make green energy alternatives so much better, they become a viable substitute to fossil fuel or nuclear power generation while at the same time we completely eliminate emissions and handling/storage of dangerous waste and the costs/inconveniences of maintaining the grid.

Science Based, Mathematically Proven

Our science begins with a couple of commonly-known concepts of physics:

The concept of ROLLING OBJECTS: Unlike free-falling objects, and with all else being equal, a heavier rolling object will roll faster than a lighter object.

The concept of CENTRIFUGAL FORCE (G-force): the apparent force that is felt by an object moving in a curved path that acts outwardly away from the center of rotation.

(See: Technology page)

Our technology harnesses these two truths in a new, very efficient way to generate a lot of electricity!